Efficiency savings explained

When you improve your worker’s safety, health and happiness, it’s proven you increase efficiency.

Tangible SavingsIntangible Savings
  • Only pay for active workers on site
  • Ensure workers are in primary zones
  • Reduce time slippage/costs from evacuations
  • Speed up new worker onboarding time
  • Avoid incidental damage
  • Reduce injury cost admin / RIDDOR cost
  • Improve onsite worker communication
  • Put people, plant & materials in the right place at the right time
  • Conduct time and motion efficiency studies
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve health
  • Avoid interest overruns
  • Keep projects running on time
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Improve business modelling with bespoke technology / system integration
  • Improve culture, health, wellbeing, safety and productivity
  • Upskill teams with bespoke training and eLearning modules
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Decrease overall cost based on outturn data
  • Improve BI, AI, process with data analysis
  • Create cost efficiency, e.g. plant hire -v- plant use
Why 36Zero?

We build trusted partnerships with our customers who rely on us to help them protect the most important thing on-site – their people.

Why 36Zero?

We’re on a mission

To be the world’s number one heavy industry workplace safety solution.

We work tirelessly to iterate and improve. Because we’re always reinvesting in R&D, and seeking new ways to innovate, you can be confident that you’ll deploy the very best solutions for ever-demanding environments.

Why 36Zero?

Our vision for a safer future

Healthier, happier, safer workers resulting in zero harm workplaces.

From day one, we wanted to build something that helps everyone get home safe every day. And that helps workers be healthier and happier – positively impacting their safety and measurably improving their wellbeing. We know that technological innovation can do just that.


Berkeley Homes deploys 36Zero

“36Zero is a fully managed service that requires minimal internal administration enabling our business to reap significant health, safety and productivity benefits.”

Pat Duffin – Production Director, Berkeley Homes.


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Our Values

Innovate and Disrupt
Always learning
Customer service first