Our sophisticated wearable connects your people, plant and materials while protecting your workers’ health and safety with real-time, encrypted data monitoring that reports a true picture of what’s happening on your site, directly to you.

Health monitoring

Budy360 monitors the heart rate and general health of the wearer, giving you a clear window into their physical state and enabling you to mitigate risks and react as necessary.

Location monitoring

Knowing exactly where your assets are in real-time provides peace of mind to drive smarter decision making, safety and collaboration.

Emergency messaging

Two-way instant messaging means that any worker can press a panic button if something goes wrong, and you can send your own messages or alarms directly to them.



Data is transforming heavy industries through improved operational efficiency and safety monitoring, and our SaaS platform connects workers, plant, materials – and everything in between.

Worker health

The data collected creates a health score for each individual worker, so you can offer a bespoke care blanket for each and every one of them. Plus, the data can be anonymised.

Site-wide improvements

Combined with this data monitoring, creating KPIs for daily, weekly and monthly patterns enables improvement cycles, leading to sustainable safety, health and wellbeing improvements as well as greater efficiency from one dashboard.

Worker safety

Our priority is worker safety; the dashboard allows you to see where incidents are forming across your workplace, spot trends and reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring in line with your zero harm/LTIFR KPI targets.



Provide every worker with a personalized experience. With App360, every worker can see their health score, real-time safety records and operational tools.

Health Management

Provide best in class health screening services capturing key health vitals as well as fitness tracking, mental health support and nutrition advice.

Operational Tools

Instant notifications and messaging. Have your say, skills verification, e-learning and surveys compliment a host of bespoke jobsite with location-based services.

Worker Safety

Alert every worker via both Budy360 and in app with real-time status updates of their safety profile.



Offer best in class workplace occupational health services to all your employees via our onsite health service and app.

Health score

An individually tailored health score with advice to help improve mind and body health as well as tailored nutrition advice.

Mental well-being

Confidentially request support with the push of a button to talk to someone who can help.

Corporate health

An aggregated and anonymised real time view of your company’s health status enabling more focused and targeted health campaigns and rewards.